Feeding your plants

Plants need food to thrive.  They might mope along minus a healthy diet, but they are really much happier when they don’t have to struggle on water and old dirt.  Unfortunately plants can’t remind us when they are starving.  So it’s important to have a feeding schedule that you can remember.

Plants only need three basic things in their dirt: Nitrogen, Phosphates, and Potash.  Each of these things provides the plant with something it needs to grow fuller, greener, and healthier.  In order to add these things to your plant, you can add compost, or you can add prepared plant food.

For indoor plants, prepared plant food tends to be the easiest option; it comes in three basic forms.  Powders and granules are convenient and work well on plants outside, but are not quite as effective on indoor plants, because they don’t tend to work their way into the soil.  Pills and sticks are very convenient, but don’t spread the food, which leaves concentrated pockets that could cause uneven root growth.  Liquid is the best option for feeding plants, because it can easily be absorbed and will be evenly spread.

Liquid Fence Speedy Grow is a great supplement to your plant food, because it actually improves root growth and allows the roots to absorb more food.  And its organic-based formula is extracted from organic kelp seaweed.  Because The Liquid Fence Company is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to common problems, you can trust that Speedy Grow will help your plants without dumping harmful chemicals into your  home.  And of course it’s safe for nosey pets who might dig into your houseplants.

The best gestimate for feeding your plants is once a month.  You can feed them more from the spring to the fall and stop feeding entirely in the winter.   The real key to keeping your plants happy and healthy is following a schedule, so plan your plant feedings around when you pay your bills every month.  Or use any other special date as a way to remember your plants.  And don’t forget the Speedy Grow to give your plants that added boost!  They will be much happier for it!

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