Put the freeze on winter deer damage

Although difficult for the softhearted, turning a cold shoulder to visiting deer is the right thing to do

BRODHEADSVILLE, PA – “It’s so cold out. They must be starving – why else would they be looking for food? If I feed them, maybe they’ll stay away from my plants!” Sound familiar? As tempting as it may be, turn a cold shoulder to foraging deer – do not feed them! And, in spite of the chilly temperatures, ice or snow, applying a proven effective, all-season repellent right through the winter months will help stop deer cold in their tracks and prevent them from destroying ornamental bushes, trees and winter garden plants.

Don’t feed the deer.

Contrary to how it may seem to the softhearted, feeding deer is not good for them and it’s obviously not good for landscaping. In fact, feeding deer actually trains them to think of that backyard as a reliable source of food – and they won’t stop at generous handouts – expensive plantings will become tasty treats, too. Although well meaning, feeding deer promotes unhealthy behavior.

They will stay near the easy source of food, even if it’s inadequate, rather than seeking food in their natural environment. If deer ingest a food type that is not part of their natural diet they can become sick and even die.

Typically, they will compete for handouts, leaving more submissive deer underfed and promoting overly aggressive behavior.

Use an effective repellent

A liberal application of a proven effective, all-season deer repellent, such as Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent, on and around landscaped garden areas will help stop the deer from making a winter meal of shrubs, plants, trees and vines.  Be sure to apply when temperatures are above freezing. Liquid Fence works on scent, so the deer don’t even have to take a bite – unlike many other repellents that require the deer to “munch away” to be effective. The product should be applied during a dry period, then again, one week later. After that, a once-a-month spraying is all that’s needed.

An ounce of prevention…

It’s much easier to prevent the damage than it is to stop a foraging cycle that has already begun. Deer are creatures of habit. If they munched your tulips in the spring or crunched your pumpkins in the fall, you can bet they’ll be chomping your arborvitae in the winter! By applying Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent at the first signs of deer foraging, you’ll break their habit before it takes a strong hold.

A neighborhood effort

As in most situations, there is power in numbers. If adjacent properties practice the same deer control policies, the neighborhood will benefit. So work hard at convincing soft-hearted Mary, who’s been seen regularly feeding the local deer population, that she’s actually doing the deer more harm than good. Not to mention angering her neighbors by training the deer to continually seek food in her (and, consequently their) backyard!

2 thoughts on “Put the freeze on winter deer damage

  1. Shirley G

    Liquid Deer and Rabbit liquid Repellent has been life saver to me and my Artic Willows that I have planted around my lot. This will be my 3rd spring , summer and fall using the Liquid-the deer still have to test-at that time I get out the spray bottle with the Repellent (it still works)
    Thank you Thank you


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