Recognizing greatness, big and small!

Occasionally you meet a person, business or organization that makes this big old planet we inhabit just a little nicer. Maybe they’re doing good deeds, maybe they’re a pleasure to do business with, or maybe they’re just plain nice! Whatever the reason – they are why we’re creating Asset to the Planet.

Throughout the year, we’re going to highlight these individuals and organizations, recognizing and thanking them for making our lives just a little better – thank them for being an Asset to the Planet!

Meet Pat Stone, creator and editor of Green Prints magazine, and our first Asset to the Planet.

As a longtime lover of gardening and past editor of Mother Earth News, Pat wanted to create a publication that highlighted the human element of gardening – so a little over 20 years ago he started Green Prints – a place for gardeners to share, readers to be inspired – and in a world of digital photography – a place where traditional artists and illustrators are showcased.   Pat’s quirky humor is always evident throughout Green Prints (“The Weeder’s Digest”), making every issue fun and entertaining.

The quarterly journal shares personal garden stories, letters, illustrations and photos from all over the country. To read more about Green Prints, Pat Stone or if you’re interested in subscribing to the periodical visit, we love your dedication and devotion to this wonderful periodical – it’s obviously a labor of love – that’s why we thank and recognize you as our first Asset to the Planet.

Help choose the next Asset to the Planet!
Do you know a person or organization who makes your world a little bit more inhabitable?  Send us your nominations and information as to why that person or organization deserves to be called an Asset to the Planet.  We will be choosing a new Asset every few weeks, and at the end of the year will hold a vote for the year’s favorite Asset to the Planet.

One thought on “Recognizing greatness, big and small!

  1. Geoff Taylor

    There is a jewel hidden in the mountains where I live, and his name is Earl Newman. At 82, he still prints posters in his rural studio, and is the unofficial mayor of my little community. I’ve known him about as long as I’ve known Pat Stone, a recent Asset to the Planet, over twenty years. Good choice for ATTP.

    He’s fairly famous for his work, if you type in a search. The Smithsonian has his portfolio. He has a master’s in Art from Harvard. He grows most of his own food and tends his huge garden all year. But his most notable qualities include a willing ear and a generous heart. Earl is quiet by nature, very unassuming in person, although he’s been interviewed on OPB (radio and television.) They loved him. Everyone does.

    He’s been doing the work for over half a century, and he’s a modern American master in the opinions of many. All 500 souls up here would add that he exemplifies a life well lived, and demonstrates by example how to be successfully happy living a rural lifestyle and pursuing Art. Thanks for recognizing Pat and GreenPrints magazine, and you’ll understand why I’m nominating Earl Newman as an Asset to the Planet. He is.


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