Arbor Day

My childhood memory of Arbor Day involved my brother and I hurrying home from elementary school with twigs of evergreen trees.  We would hand off our baby trees to my mom and remind her of the importance of planting them (we took our Arbor Day duties very seriously).  Now, years later, those baby Arbor day trees are behemoth residents of my parent’s yard and welcome homes for a variety of birds, thanks I’m sure solely on my mother’s careful care of them.

As Arbor Day is fast approaching I decided to do a little research about this lovely holiday.  It turns out one of the very first Arbor Days involved school children being given trees and each grade being given the task of caring for their trees.  I don’t know if schools still give trees to students on Arbor Day, but the holiday is a great opportunity to teach children (and adults) the importance of growing and planting trees.

If you have a little someone coming home with an evergreen twig or you just want to get in on the Arbor Day planting, remember to protect young trees with Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent.  It’s the perfect way to ensure your Arbor Day investment will not be nibbled on and destroyed before it can reach its fullest potential.

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