5 ways to beat an itchy mosquito season

Mosquitoes season is in full swing and, according to news outlets across the country, this is going to be an extra problematic year thanks to a very rainy spring.

In order to control the continually blooming bug population and make sure you can enjoy outdoor time this summer, here are a few easy-to-follow tips to keep your local mosquito population to a minimum and the mosquito season a little less itchy.

1. Dump it. Look in your neighborhood and around your property for standing water.  Water sitting stagnant for 4 days or more will quickly become a breeding ground for the bothersome biting bugs.

2. Don’t forget the gutter! Remember clogged gutters can be prime targets, and they often go unnoticed.  So don’t forget your gutters, when looking for standing water.

3. Buy some fish. With the increasing popularity of ornamental ponds, small or large, it’s important to remember to maintain the pond with a pump to circulate the water.  Also, add goldfish, koi or some other small fish to eat lingering mosquito eggs.

4. Keep it shut. To protect your indoors from mosquitoes, make sure your windows and doors are closed tightly.  Also be sure to fix screens on windows and doors to prevent indoor mosquito invasions.

5. Stock up on Liquid Net! If you’re spending time outdoors, apply Liquid Net Insect Repellent!  The eco-friendly formula is safe, even for small children.  And for your furry friends, apply Liquid Net for Pets!

An ounce of prevention can make the world of difference, so be sure to be on the look-out for ways you can prevent mosquito breeding and apply Liquid Net
before you go outside.  It’s the Planet Approved way to stay biting bug free!


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