Daily Archives: June 27, 2011

Fish tales

The Liquid Fence Company sponsors Bass Pro Fisherman, Steve Wisdom.  Steve is a great fisherman, a new dad, a devoted husband, and a proud wearer of the Liquid Net Logo.  As a way to introduce you to Steve’s world, we’re going to start a series of fish tales.  We’ll give you updates from Steve and even some fun fishing facts.  But first, let’s start in the beginning.

Early Fish Tales:

Old fishing line and ripped up rubber worms in the bottom of a grounded boat may not seem like the ideal toy for a small boy, but for Steve Wisdom, the fishing scraps were hours of entertainment.  Until he could convince his grandfather to take him fishing, Steve practiced his techniques on the forgotten bits that had been left in the boat.  He spent hours rummaging around and imagining the day when he’d be allowed out on the water.

When Steve finally convinced his grandfather to take him fishing, he could hardly contain his excitement.

“I was more excited that day than any one Christmas morning to date,” Steve said.

His first fish? Well it was a bass of course! He caught it on that very first fishing trip, and, at 6 years old, Steve Wisdom knew what he was going to do it for the rest of his life.

“As a kid it was all I ever talked about. When people asked me what  I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them ‘A professional fisherman!’” Steve said.

And the rest? Well even Steve likes to fast forward when he’s talking about his life so far.  After college, he took a job in the fishing industry doing marketing and promotions for a small lure company.  While at the lure company, he started fishing professionally.  His 6-year-old dream had actually come true. And to think it all started with ripped rubber worms and old fishing wire in a grounded boat.