Daily Archives: August 11, 2011

One happy horse

Yesterday we received such a lovely email from, Brenda, one our customers.  It started with,”I love your Liquid Net!”  We always love to hear that people are loving our products, but it was the story following the statement that really caught our attention.

Brenda’s horse suffers from allergies.  Over 30 different allergens bother her, including many of the ingredients in other mosquito and fly sprays.  According to Brenda, “She was losing hair, covered in welts and very itchy.  She rolled rubbed and chewed herself raw.”

Brenda’s only hope was immuno therapy, a process which could take years for visible results.  Two months ago, Brenda found Liquid Net for Horses.

“My horse is back to being beautiful,” Brenda said.  “The spray is very well tolerated, her coat shines (and I might add, she’s white and keeping a white coat shiny is next to impossible usually, because she’s allergic to flax too).”

We are so glad Brenda shared her story with us.  And loved her final words to us.

“Oh yes, and it smells great, too!” Brenda said.