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Snake Repellent Confidential: What crawled out from under a rock

Snake Repellent Confidential:

what crawled out from under a rock

snake repellent would help this homeowner

If you’re like me, this season brings out the desire to run outside and just breathe.  The sky clear, the air slightly crisp, the sun warm – it all says get out there and hike, or read…

…or CAMP!

But the outdoors has always presented two major hindrances for me: a serious skin sensitivity to insect bites, and an unreasonable fear of snakes.  I have been able to combat the bugs with our Liquid Net line of products (usually the wipes), but snakes are a different story.

[dropshadowbox align="center" effect="lifted-both" width="250px" height="" background_color="#fceeee" border_width="1" border_color="#833330" ]Ophidiophobia: an abnormal or hypersensitive fear of snakes[/dropshadowbox]

I am not sure when my fear of snakes started, but I know it was exacerbated moving to a rural area where actual human-snake interactions occur.  Last year, while geocaching with friends and our kids, one slithered away from the cache box.  You can imagine that didn’t help my already-tenuous relationship with nature.

Obviously, you can’t have a topical solution everywhere.  But you CAN have it SnakeGranularFamilyLGaround a camp site.  And let me tell you, Liquid Fence Snake Repellent has been a huge relief to me.  Though my husband likes to consider himself burly, he would squeal just as much if a snake were to slither by our campfire as myself or one of our teen daughters.

It isn’t the fault of the snakes.  I mean, let’s face it: we are camping on their turf.  But coexisting harmoniously is easily enough accomplished with Liquid Fence Snake Repellent, so why even risk injury to yourself or the snake?

Learn more about accoutrements for camping fun

As with all our products, our Snake Repellent is effective.  We research and develop species-specific repellents because every animal and insect is different; no one-stop solution will work for all of them, but all of ours will work individually on animals and insects ruining your outdoor experience:  Deer & Rabbits, Rabbit, Moles, Geese, Armadillo, Biting Insects, Wasps & Hornets or Garden Insects.

Whether making a safe perimeter for your patio or corralling your campsite, keep the snakes at bay with Liquid Fence Snake Repellent.


5 camping accoutrements you might forget

The key to a successful camping trip is proper planning.  But of course there are always a few odds and ends that get forgotten until you are almost at the campsite.  That is why the camping experts at The Liquid Fence Company have compiled a list of camping-worthy items you’ll want in your backpacks or campers.

1. Insect Repellent: Black flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other biting bugs can turn any camping trip or hike into a miserable, and sometimes itchy, experience.  Protect your whole family (even the furry ones) with the complete line of DEET-free Liquid Net products.  These eco-friendly products are made of all-natural botanical oils and the non-greasy formula comes in  convenient towelettes and sprays, perfect for the on-the-go camper.

2. Water Bottles: Reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce waste and stay hydrated while camping.  The Vapur Water Bottle is a  BPA-free water bottle that goes a step beyond, folding and fitting almost anywhere.  And they come with a convenient clip!

3. Snake Repellent: Slithering snakes can be a campers nightmare.  Keep snakes away from your campsite with Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular.  It’s easy-to-apply and long lasting.  Creating a snake-free campsite has never been easier.

4. Flashlights: Aside from the perfect accompaniment to a scary story around the campfire, flashlights tend to be most needed when it’s too dark to find them.  Camping Lanterns are great at illuminating a large space, but a few carefully placed flashlights will also do the trick.

5. First Aid Kit: No camping trip would be complete without someone getting hurt.  OK while we hope and pray this is not your experience, the laws of spending time running around a campsite tend to lean towards someone needing at least a band-aid, during a typical camping trip.  That is why it is so important to keep an updated First Aid Kit and knowing where the nearest hospital is, in case of emergency.

The secret to a successful camping trip is to always be ready for anything.  Pack these must-haves and at least you’ll be on the right track.  Have a safe and enjoyable camping season; and try not to forget anything!